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Text messages (SMS, iMessage) are extremely popular these days amongst all mobile users. Today’s young kids prefer text messages to voice calls. Many business owners remain extremely worried because any employee with a Smartphone can very easily take pictures of important official documents and text them to the competitors. This is why text message tracking capability is considered to be one of the most important features of any mobile monitoring application. Highster’s powerful text message tracker saves every text message sent/received from and to the target phone in the secure control panel. Our text message logs include full content of the message, phone number of the sender and the recipient, and the date and time of message exchange. Our message tracking feature helps us stand out from all our competitors because it can even retrieve all details relating to text messages that have already been deleted.

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GPS Location Services

With our spy app, you can track the location of the target phone by logging into your online account. This GPS Feature is a sophisticated real time reporting system that gets updated every ten seconds. Finding out precise information on the target phone’s location is amazingly easy using this tracking software. Users can capture all the activities of the target phone within two to five minutes of their actual movement. 

Call Log Data

Our call log data includes the dialed/received numbers, name of the contact, and the call’s date, time, and duration. You can receive all details round the clock on your phone or email address without any wait time whatsoever. 

For easy storage and retrieval, it is also possible to save logs as PDF, TXT, DOC, and several other formats.

Monitor Online Activity

Twitter, Facebook,  Instagram, Skype...and more.

Are your kids wasting study time acccessing social networks like Facebook, Twitter, etc. from their mobile phones? Of course they are! Similarly, many organizations now suffer from the loss of effective working hours because of the social media habits of their employees.Our Text Message Spy App is extremely popular amongst both these user groups because it can record all activities from Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, LineChat, weChat and Instagram messaging services used on the mobile phone.

Easy Remote - Live Control Panel

Our Live Control Panel makes it possible for the users to dynamically access all details relating to the target phone. Users can opt for the advanced settings for logs, time triggers, display options, and more. By accessing this advanced control panel, it is possible to view all information extracted from the target phone in real time basis. With easy and neat categories, it is possible to interactively access comprehensive details on all monitored activities.

Remote Uninstall

This is one feature that will come handy once your mobile monitoring requirements are over and you are looking to tidy up the monitoring set up without access to the target mobile device.Our Text Message Spy App allows users to close the operation smoothly and silently using the remote uninstall feature. Just by logging in to yourOur Text Message Spy Ap account, it will take you only a few seconds to remove the application from the target phone from anywhere, anytime.

Winning Service & Compatibility

This app works on your Android device including Android phones and tablets. It also works on iPhones and iPads. In order to work on your iPhone it must be Jailbroken. We can provide you with a link to Jailbreaking services if you require it.


http://www.highster-mobile.com/img/hw_wrks_img_2.pngText Message Spy App works by extracting information from the target phone and displaying it on your secure online control panel.

After your purchase you will receive an email that will contain your username, password and license key. With this information you will be able to extract information from the target phone and have it displayed on your secure online user control panel. You need to have possession and permission of the phone you want to monitor for 2-3 minutes to perform the installation procedure. Once installed you can access all reports using the username, password and you can login to your secure online user control panel and view the information that has been uploaded to our secure servers. The application is undetectable on the target phone.

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TERMS: When you purchase you will have to agree to only install Text Message Spy App on a device you have permission to monitor. You agree and understand that doing otherwise will be in violation of the software licensing agreement
and may violate local, state or federal laws

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